đź’ˇ#11 "The BBBP" - Living at the Cutting Edge

What is THE data strategy? What's the role of IT? 5G? The Metaverse? Where do we start and where do we end up? How do we collaborate and how important are humans right now, and in the future?

It’s been a while. And thank you for the support and emails coming in! We have been busy creating the foundation of an e-Learning series about Digital Twins. And stuck out in the real world with innovation projects, wireless mesh, 5G/6G strategies, and everything else.

This weeks/months bullet points are combining the old with the new. Where we again get to read from the fountain of wisdom that is Erich Barnstedt in the 5 rules for industrial IoT.

  1. Be kind to your local electrician!

  2. Be kind to your local IT guy!

  3. Bring a backup gateway/connectivity adapter.

  4. Identify the local OT guy

  5. Get some l33t embedded skills from the 90ies and 2000s.

Do you agree? Or not? What is missing on the list?

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These bullet points are all too true. But the additional side is also that Virtual Collaboration is here, and here to stay. Facebook will be a MetaVerse company. And global consultancy companies buy thousands of VR headsets for training purposes. The world is moving faster, and possibly also slower than we think. According to Dell, the cloud is dead, long live the edge. Well, Cloud is vital as well, but we do see an Edge-first strategy everywhere.

Where the question is, how to combine these things? What are the relationships between 5G/6G, The Metaverse, Digital Twins, Oculus, and Where do you start?

When looking at the real world we can see that Telcos are getting sued because of the reason that 5G has under-delivered. And we see thought leaders say that the business IT department does not really need to be a part of their building's comfort, safety and security systems. Whilst others say that everything needs to become an IT world where others are also upskilling towards more modern hybrid teams which we could hear from Brian Turner.

One thing is for sure and that is that we are living in interesting times. Where we believe that we really need to go Beyond Buildings and back to come back to the industry armed with the most modern tools, used at the right time for the right purpose, to solve ancient problems, faster than ever before. Together of course.

Because that’s the thing as well. Humans are still making the decisions. And if we can’t make it easier for us to make smarter decisions faster, then what’s the use?

Please find your weekly "BeyondBuildingBulletPoints" newsletter below that aims to help you move towards smarter buildings and beyond!

This week, the Bullet points focus on solving old problems with modern mindsets and modern technology.

Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

  • Accenture acquires 60,000 Oculus Quest 2 headsets for training. Accenture is putting VR into practice in-house and for customers, with Rosa confirming that “this #xratscale end-to-end service is now available to all of our clients”, backed by content developed by its own studio. This studio is responsible for an event planning solution that uses augmented reality and VR to virtually reconstruct a space, accessible across a range of devices, among other projects.

  • Las Vegas to Accelerate Urban Transformation with First-Ever IoT-Enabled Digital Twin. A leading Digital Twin provider and an IoT exponent are jointly developing a technology solution to transition Las Vegas to zero carbon emissions. A significant area of downtown Las Vegas will leverage advanced 5G networking, plus cutting-edge IoT and urban Digital Twin technology to vastly improve mobility, air quality, noise pollution, water management, and emissions from major buildings.

  • Five industrial IOT project rules to keep in mind. As we come out of the 2021 Microsoft Hackathon where we hooked up the EV charging stations around the Microsoft car park to the Azure cloud for utilization and load balancing optimization, here are some universal rules that are generally applicable to Industrial IoT projects, which usually can't be found in requirements specifications.

  • JLL buys Building Engines for $300M. The Boston-based building operations software firm will be tucked into the JLL Technologies umbrella, Business Insider first reported. Building Engines CEO Tim Curran will become executive managing director of his company upon the closing of the transaction, which is expected by the end of the year.

  • Wirepas Private 5G. In development: The world’s first and only non-cellular 5G connectivity network for enterprise IoT. Connect millions of devices even in the toughest, most demanding environments. No subscriptions fees. Coverage anywhere with a free global dedicated spectrum at 1.9 GHz. You know cellular can’t do that. But we can.

  • Hundreds of 5G users file joint lawsuits over disappointing network services. Hundreds of 5G mobile users filed a joint lawsuit Wednesday against the country's three major mobile carriers, over the disappointing quality of the latest generation networks, according to their legal representative.

  • Deciding Between Cloud First and Edge First? Don’t. As data volumes grow, business is moving to the edge where data that has immediate value is generated – but the cloud remains vital.

  • Bye It. Many large property management companies now have a CTO who is responsible for these facilities networks and have responsibilities that in some ways mirror a CTO for a business but in a new way are completely different as they need to understand how to keep occupants physically safe from crimes or how to get occupants out of a building in an emergency or how to keep the buildings energy bill under a billion dollars as we are hitting new record high outdoor air temps everywhere. 

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