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Contextual Digital Twins, and more!

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Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

  • 3D Printed Nanjing Pavilion. “The project envisions the east gate, the entrance plaza, and an underground gateway. Integrating elements from the site, the team’s research showcased the unpredictable traveling routines of different users. The analysis showcased variations and intensities of crowd flow interference. To solve the crowding problem, they marked a swarm of particles moving in the site. Simulating the motion lines of a self-organizing particle in a swarm-based algorithm on a multi-agent cluster system.” Check out the comment section.

  • If the article above caught your attention, then we would recommend this article too: HygroScope: Meteorosensitive Morphology.

  • Adding Context to IoT Data Just Became Easier. The growing number of devices connecting to the cloud is producing treasure troves of information. This information can be used not only to understand the state of a device, but the state of an entire environment such as a building, energy grid, or factory. However, this vast amount of data can produce its own challenges.

  • Two (or More) Is Better Than One: Digital Twin Tech for Cybersecurity. Digital twin technology allows you to see multiple digital representations of something. It could be a physical asset, such as a wind turbine, or a process or procedure that could have different outcomes depending on the input. The technology collects data and demonstrates the outcomes.

  • GSK Pilots Digital Twin for Vaccine Manufacturing. Digital twins of manufacturing processes are being explored in pharmaceutical manufacturing for the benefits that can be harnessed from a real-time simulation of the actual process.

  • Esri boosts digital twin tech for its GIS mapping tool. Esri software helps build digital twin technology. The company is honing ArcGIS and its other products for the new market.

  • Creating “digital twins” at scale. Digital twins — computational models that evolve in sync with the real-world asset they mimic — could be created at scale, thanks to new research led by recent MIT graduate Michael Kapteyn


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