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🎧#28 Contextually aware buildings in a Smart City/Smart Grid World – Don Kasper - Part 1

🎧#28 Contextually aware buildings in a Smart City/Smart Grid World – Don Kasper - Part 1

What is happening when decarbonization and electrification push cities to become smarter? What roles do digitalization companies need to have to create a better industry?

“What I've learned is everything that we do, whether it's FTD, whether its analytics, whether it's systems integrations, um, that's not the end goal. That's the means to the end goal and what everyone needs to keep in mind is this is about climate change. This is about making the world a better place.” - Don Kasper

This is an episode that goes Beyond Buildings and we get a chance to talk to Don Kasper, VP, Strategy and Business Development at Sentient Buildings LLC, who shares the same mission of Beyond Buildings, in making the world a better place. With a mechanical training and energy modeling background Don Kasper’s job is to be the data manager of buildings. Get the data out, make sense of it, and create value with it, at scale.

We get to hear about his vision about a more sustainable world, the past present, and future of energy efficiency, retro-commissioning, and sustainability aspects. We go into depth about what energy modeling has been, and what it needs to be and we get an interesting view of how analytics has changed over the years and how we now need to go beyond buildings. Where in New York new laws will put a penalty on not knowing enough about existing buildings and it’s interesting what that will do with data transparency at large.

This is only the beginning of the story. Part 2 will be all about what happens at the final frontier, and how to solve tomorrow's most pressing challenges today. Enjoy this great episode and subscribe and share if you think this is for you, or anyone that you know!


These are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • What is energy modeling?

  • What are the problems with large buildings?

  • What is the stack effect and how can we use modern tools to create better buildings?

  • How do we make people and products talk to each other?

  • What is needed to leverage spreadsheet calculations with IoT, Digital Twins, and more modern tools?

  • How can we go from Guess-work to Clock-work?

  • What is the difference between spreadsheet analysis, energy modeling, Fault Detection, and Diagnosis?

  • What would a modern data/analytic strategy look like?

  • How has analytics in buildings changed over the years and what challenges still exist?

  • What are the big data problems in the Smart Building space?

  • What are the benefits for everyone when data is easily understood and access by humans and systems alike?

  • After Smart Buildings, what’s next?

We are going from a service heavy industry, and an energy greenwashing phase, to where we are now with tools and technologies that can do more with less. We get to hear from a true expert that is at the very cutting edge, so much that they are now going beyond buildings and back, to make buildings aware of what they need to be aware of.

We talk about battery storage, global drivers, and the need to make better decisions at scale for both humans and machines. This and more will be asked and answered in this episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast. Truly an amazing episode that you can’t afford to miss!

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Companies mentioned:

  1. Tatiem Engineering

  2. Steven Winter Associates

  3. KGS Buildings

  4. Clockworks

  5. EcoRithm

  6. Skyspark

  7. Sentient buildings