💡#5 - "The BBBP" - How to leverage Interoperable Digital Twins with an AI-first intent?

What does it really mean with interoperability? And how can companies leverage Interoperable Lifecycle Digital Twins for Manufacturing? What's happening in the AI-space and how important is context?

It is our goal to share knowledge in how companies best can meet the future. And to solve ancient problems we need the combination of new mindsets, modern tools, and interoperable technologies, used in tandem to seamlessly share knowledge between humans and systems alike.

This week we will be sharing some insight into Digital Twins and what is happening in the global AI space. The democratization of innovative solutions is of utmost importance and to understand that we all need to have a planetary purpose.

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Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

The aspect of interoperability is a precursor to scalability. This is why it is the first aspect of this week’s Beyond Buildings Bullet Points list!

  • Nicolas Waern is the co-chair of the Manufacturing Working Group for the Digital Twin Consortium and spoke last week about the efforts in #DigitalTwins and the important aspects of interoperability throughout the Digital Twin Lifecycle. 

    If you are into Digital Twins then this is definitely for you! The webinar covered:

    -Contextual Understanding and starting off with an AI-first intent
    -Transitioning from a Minimal Viable Twin to Operations
    -The path towards distributed Intelligence and modern data strategies
    -How the Digital Twin Consortium is creating an open industry to combine modern tools and modern mindsets.

What are your thoughts on Digital Twins? Is it challenging to know where to start, why they are needed, and how much they cost? Let us know!

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