💡#6 - "The BBBP"- Are Architects a dying breed? Quantum, 5G, Metaverse Enablement and Circular strategies

Will architects be out of a job soon? What do they need to do in order to keep up with the times? What will the future look like in 5, 10, 20, 100 years? Will companies start when it's too late?

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This has been an eventful week where Rob Huntington has made some interesting waves with his Orchestration POV that has made coffee stock worldwide spike like never before. Great expansion on his thoughts from last year, and it seems that the converged network is the platform we all need to stand on for the future. More on that in future episodes where we discuss what a Smart Building really is, and what companies need to do to get there.

🎧#12 Outcome-based Digital Twin Simulations - Rob Huntington
Listen now (33 min) | I think it’s a misconception that an intelligent building is going to cost a lot of money… In this episode of the beyond buildings podcast we continue to listen to the great Building Automation guru Rob Huntington from Australia. Where we talk more about the change needed in the real estate industry. This is part two, so if you haven’t listened to part o……
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Metaverse Enablement & the Future of Real Estate

We discussed Metaverse Enablement 5 months ago and it is now becoming more (Un)real every day. The article about architecting the metaverse is exceedingly interesting about the shifting roles of existing industry players.

#3 Friday Spotlight - The Master(s) of the Meta-Verse and Building the Digital Twin First
Introducing the Metaverse The metaverse concept is a couple of months old now. But yesterday, the great Master of the Metaverse, David Craig Weir-McCall talked about it at the Digital Twin Consortium…
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“Architects always complain that it’s hard to find good clients who fully support their creative ideas and pay them on time. Most of the designs will stay on the paper forever, they could be rejected for all sorts of reasons, and most of the “paper architecture” is valueless as it is not recognized by the client. Even your design is lucky enough to get build, construction is notoriously expensive, time-consuming, and full of uncertainty. A lot of opportunities for you to get sued when the project goes wrong.

Sorry for the harsh reality, besides all that, architects are no longer the master builder in modern society. Architects act as project managers to collaborate with other consultants, engineers, contractors, clients, government officials to make a project happen, and like other professionals that provide services, we are paid by hourly rate. “

This and more will also be discussed in a future podcast titled - “The future of Construction”. But what role do architects need to take in the not-so-distant future? Will circular strategies are on the agenda for people, and how can Digital Twins, and modern tools and technologies help? What ramifications will this have for real people?

Only time will tell. And the clock is ticking.

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Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

  • The Tip of the Digital Building Iceberg by Rob Huntington. A workflow example showing how a meeting room booking via a tenant app flows through the layers and creates a seamless experience via workflow orchestration connecting to multiple disparate systems downstream of the app.

  • Architecting the Metaverse. For many years, the internet is mostly a 2D catalog with hyperlinks, and now it finally starts to look interesting with the potential for 3D experiences and will change the way we work, shop, live, how can architects play a role in shaping and enriching the grand metaverse?

  • Big Tech Wants You to Live in a Virtual World. Prepare for Real Problems. This vision of the future is especially compelling for a company like Facebook, which still generates nearly all of its revenue from advertising. Put a sign on the main street of the metaverse, Mr. Stephenson wrote, and “the hundred million richest, hippest, best-connected people on earth will see it every day of their lives.”

  • Tesla Says It Can Now Recycle 92% of Battery Cell Materials. The company has been working with third-party recycling firms for years to improve its capacity for end-of-life battery recycling. In doing so it hopes to curb the environmental cost of mining materials such as cobalt that are needed for the batteries — one of the main points EV detractors bring up when arguing against the technology.

  • The right 5G strategy with help from digital twins. Digital twin and data monitoring systems and algorithms can visualize ‘what if’ scenarios to design and optimize end-to-end network performance.

  • Volkswagen takes quantum computing from the lab to the factory. Researchers believe quantum computers could tackle challenges that even the most powerful traditional computers struggle with. While quantum computers are still highly experimental, a global race to develop new machines has started, and companies have begun finding ways to apply them to real-world challenges.


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