💡#7 - "The BBBP" - The Future of... everything?

Will Digital Twins be really able to save the future of construction? 3D printing & What is an autonomous M2M system? What is the design universe? And what does circular thinking look like for real?

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The latest Podcast Episode with Nicolas Waern and Jochen Burkhardt was all about The Future of Construction.

It is an episode that focuses on the future we can have and it raises questions on how Digital Twins and modern tools and technologies can help us in realizing the future we all need. If you haven’t listened to it, just click the link below. We promise it is an episode that is worth listening to!

This week, the Bullet points focus on sustainability and interoperability and how we need to solve old problems with modern mindsets and modern technology.

🎧#30 The Future of Construction - Nicolas Waern & Jochen Burkhart
Listen now (42 min) | How can $2 Billion dollars spent on re-defining construction have ended in Bankruptcy for the most funded Construction startup in the world, Katerra? What was their fundamental problem from the beginning? We need to make better decisions faster. That is what the future is all about. But better for whom? For people? For companies in the real estate indu……
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Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

  • Building Intelligence Hub by Rav Panchalingam. Interoperability has been an important factor in Building Technology, with programmable money we now unlock interoperable payment flows. The contracts are built into the unit and cannot be changed; therefore manufacturers can now create physical streaming revenue products and may even give them out for free, since they can be assured wherever in the world the unit is, and if it is operating effectively, they will be receiving their dues. This is the beginning of a truly autonomous M2M system.

  • Predictive weather files for building energy modeling by Anthony Wright. CSIRO has released future weather files and it can model Australian commercial and residential buildings under a range of climate change scenarios.

  • 3D rPLA Collection by Stefan Larsson. With added 3D printed material samples for the new rPLA collections on the Lostboyslab shop. The samples are from the new rPLA collections and they are all matte, recycled, bio-derived, and easy to print with on any 1.75 mm FDM printer with amazing results. The samples are 3D printed on Prusa Mk3 with 0.1 mm layer height and of course, it has been made smart. It also has an NFC tag programmed with the URL of the product’s information. 

  • Carbon neutral natural gas by Nils Söderström. Is fossil fuel devoid of emission, sounds made up, right? Nonsense, with carbon offsets we can wash those emissions right off. When calculating the CO2 absorption of a mature tree you first need to know when a tree matures. That is at age 40. It is today 2021 so planting goals for 2060 already soured last year. By the time it’s mature the tree will absorb about 20kg per year, so 50 years for one ton of carbon emissions.

  • Generative AI meets Circular Design by Sean Barrett. Interesting Times Gang is super stoked to finally share what has been working on. As far as we know, Aibio is the first of its kind in the known design universe. Every year over 12 million tonnes of interior design objects and furniture end up in waste streams in the EU. Only around 10% of it is recycled or re-used. Everything else ends up in landfills or is incinerated.

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