News Flash: There Are No Self-Driving Cars on Sale Today

If that is the case, what happens to "self-driving" and cognitive buildings? Are there any Smart Buildings or is that just an illusion or perhaps an ideology? Why is this important?

News Flash: There Are No Self-Driving Cars on Sale Today

Do buildings also have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems? Who are the drivers? People? Systems? AI? Do we need Digital Buildings first and how do we get there?

“What exists today is a collection of technologies called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which can handle basic driving tasks for short periods of time in specific, ideal conditions. ADAS must be monitored at all times, and the car's driver must be alert, undistracted, and prepared to take control at any moment. The best ADAS available today allow drivers to take their hands off the wheel but not their eyes off the road.”

This is reminiscent of this article from Troy Harvey, who will soon be a guest here on The Beyond Buildings Podcast talking about the past, present, and future of building automation.

Maybe it is less about Smart Buildings and more about understanding buildings, companies, and existing systems and taking the necessary steps to become smarter. And along the way towards becoming truly smart, we first must get digital. Where buildings might or might not be more advanced than the people and organizations managing them, servicing them, nor using them.

We probably need a course adjustment but also keep our eyes on the road for a while longer. And to also ensure that we can take our hands off the wheel, knowing that we should be able to take control at any given point in time. But we are getting there. And considering that buildings still are energy enthusiastic, we better get to a point where smartness also includes sustainability, security, and the context of buildings that connect to the outside world.

“What I've learned is everything that we do, whether it's FTD, whether its analytics, whether it's systems integrations, um, that's not the end goal. That's the means to the end goal and what everyone needs to keep in mind is this is about climate change. This is about making the world a better place.” - Don Kasper

Coincidentally, this is exactly what episode 🎧#28 of the Beyond Buildings Podcast was all about! We talked to Don Kasper about going Beyond Buildings and how to get started in commanding the future, where part 2 will be more about AI-ML models and how to enable that level of smartness from above.

Going above and beyond

If the ingredients exist, how do we create and share the recipes? How do we move towards systemic change? And what factors should modern systems cater to? People? Other systems? AI?

And where do companies start? Do they start with adding new sensors? Or making sense of the old? And how can we learn from industrial ways of working and share knowledge seamlessly between people as well as systems?

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