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Welcome to Beyond Buildings! The only thing we want to do is to solve all problems that exist anywhere in the world. This means we have to go above and beyond to predict what the Smart City future looks like, with an opinionated view of how buildings fit in a Smart City context. It is supposed to be a guide in achieving faster times to value creation, meant for anyone who wants to create value, based on facts and collaboration.

Keep on reading for an introduction to the Beyond Buildings Realm and why this could be for you.

  • Why do Beyond Buildings exist?

  • What is Beyond Buildings?

  • Who subscribes to Beyond Buildings?

  • What is the Beyond Buildings VVIP section?

  • Why join the VVIP section?

  • Other FAQs

Thanks again for being here!

Why do Beyond Buildings Exist?

Beyond Buildings exist to solve problems and find solutions to problems that a lot of people have. It tries to do this by sharing knowledge of how the world works in different areas within the Smart Building space and adjacent disciplines, because one perspective is seldom enough.

Beyond Buildings exist because it’s the data we don’t have that will change our life. The intent is to go above and beyond “the building industry” and see if we can talk about the outcomes we want to see in a Smart City context, and how to get there, together.

What is Beyond Buildings?

The Beyond Buildings Blog, Newsletter, and Podcast are all about innovation and transformation in a Smart City Context. Faster time to value creation, Smart Buildings, Industry 4.0, Construction, Connectivity, and Digital Twins - it's all here!

  • Almost daily blog

  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Weekly Podcast

  • A community of different-minded people who’s got the same vision - Changing the world for the better, and solving challenges together.

It’s a glimpse into what is happening around the world, and thoughts around how we can achieve greatness together. It’s a resource for the people who want to get jobs done and make data-driven decisions outside of a vacuum. It will be new content for the most part, but also things that cross-posted via Linkedin, Automated Buildings, or any other tome of knowledge that exists in the world.

To receive the weekly newsletter and to get access to podcasts for free, just click subscribe and we’ll see if this could change your life for the better!

And if you want to get more involved, and get the full benefits of Beyond Buildings, you should think about joining the Community of the VVIP-people!

Who subscribes to Beyond Buildings?

This is for the ones who just want to stay in tune with what the future has in store for us all. And also the ones who want to be able to predict the future, and also help create it. The subscribers are the decision-makers in organizations who want to understtand their role in a Smart City Context. Industry 4.0 changemakers, connectivity people interested in IoT, 5G, and all of that stuff. Government officials, Management professionals, System integrators, Smart Building stakeholders, Digital Twin enthusiasts, technology vendors, startups and scaleups, and anyone in the Real Estate space, who want to keep it real.

The ones who subscribe are the ones who want to know more about how the world works. It’s that simple.

What are your thoughts and hopes for this newsletter? Feedback and comments are more than welcome!

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What is the Beyond Buildings VVIP section?

The VVIP section is for the Very Very Innovative people who want to change the world for the better. With that said, it’s not for everyone. It’s for the people who want access to other people in sharing the same vision. How to get ahead through ecosystems thinking, realizing that success relies on both marathons and a sprints.

Beyond Building benefits:

  • Personal onboarding, 20 minutes of what you do/what you want to achieve

  • Access to a community of different-minded individuals with the same vision.

  • Access to content that no one in the world has anywhere else

  • Demystify technology and the buzz in the Smart City-realm to make it tangible enough to make decisions WITHOUT a Technical background

  • Indirect consulting worth thousands of dollars of stop making decisions in a vacuum

  • Get advice, sounding board advisory from people having similar challenges

  • A global perspective on local problems NOW for individuals or teams

  • Bi-weekly industry Point of Views that come straight from the World

  • Continous Q&A section answered by Beyond Buildings and the community

  • Discount on any future consulting packages around Smart World Consultancy

  • Demystify the global technology Buzz with Beyond Buildings breakdown

  • 1-on-1 Help with The Smart City Shaper, Nicolas Waern on Whatever is needed
    In the Smart World Pro (Supporter) membership level. $199/month gets you quarterly one-on-one strategy creation sessions and all of the above benefits. That’s what a decent consultant with no in-depth industry knowledge charges for a couple of hours. This is per month and it includes Subject Matter insights as well as expert consultancy around:

    • Technology, people, change management, and a complete understanding of how the real world operates.

    • Combining The global, The local, The organizational and making the world work for YOU.

Top Reasons for not joining the VVIP community.

  • I want to keep making decisions based on what I think, not facts.

  • I want to make decisions in a vacuum and not learn from others who are at the cutting edge and have done this before.

  • I want to spend as much time as possible on analyzing what we should do so that all reports that come out are obsolete before getting started

  • I love that we don’t have a sense of urgency

  • I love paying a number of consultants $100/hour with no industry experience for 6 months, ending up in a report that no one-reads and has no in-depth value.

  • I thrive on doing things with a “business as usual”- kind of vibe

  • I care more about doing things right, than doing the right things.

  • Re-inventing the wheel is a professional hobby that is a lot of fun

  • I love spending time on a problem by my own, not having anyone to talk to

  • I have a dream, that in a couple of years, all the value that I know provide, will be useless for everyone.

  • Nokia, Kodak, Blockbusters - they are the companies I look up to.

If anything of that sounds like something you want to continue with, please just leave. Thanks for reading this far, but you are slowing all of us down.

But, if that’s you today, but want to change?

Then, my friend, I would like to congratulate you on finding the Beyond Buildings VVIP-community! We’ll make sure you will love it here.

The thing is, anyone today can get Millions of results in 0,45 seconds. Anyone can understand what’s going on at the surface level about anything. And that’s it, surface level.

What now? Which trend to follow? Which trend makes sense? Which magic quadrant has been written by experts and which have been written by the summer interns?

If your company isn’t working with flying cars, how can you find your role in a Smart City Context? Still got questions? Just send an email to beyondbuildings@substack.com and we’ll answer asap!

Here are also some Frequently Asked Questions that might help.


  1. Will this be something for me?
    It feels too vague and too much at the same time. It’s not industry-specific like most of the other forums, and I don’t think any other industry is relevant to what I’m doing.

    That’s a fair enough assessment. But, possibly a faulty one. If your industry is anything but software-driven, you are falling behind what can be done. What better way to get ahead than listen to people that are in other industries sharing the same vision of wanting to succeed with initiatives?

  2. Can someone else help me solve my challenges?
    Can I trust that someone else knows exactly about my challenges and how to solve them?

    No one will know exactly what your challenges are. And it’s most likely YOU who’s got to create the approach on how to solve them. And that’s great! Because Beyond Buildings can help you find the people who can solve them for real. And even if you won’t get the complete solution, you will definitely be able to narrow down options and increase the likelihood of success. If you start with 10 doors that open into the unknown today, you might have 5 doors tomorrow.

  3. I am not a technology nerd, will I be able to get some value out of this? I am/the organization I am working for are not in the slightest tech-driven. We don’t see technology as an enabler, and this feels too far away from what we are doing today.

    Great point! It’s true that a lot of business managers who can feel uncomfortable and even possibly threatened due to their lack of technical understanding and are therefore unable or unwilling dive deeper into these things. And that is again great! The role of Beyond Buildings is not (only) to talk technology, even though we understand it. But even more so about all the other things that make up for how the world works. The intent, especially with the VVIP-community is to understand the context and the WHY behind everything.

    We hope that you want to become a subscriber to the Beyond Buildings Podcast!

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