đź’ˇ#1 - The "BBBP" - Automation, ML bias, Right to Repair, and Collaboration

The weekly dose of the “BBBP”- “BeyondBuildingBulletPoints”, a list of what is on our mind, and articles that we have found during the week.


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We have an interview later this week with Don Kasper about Real-Time Smart Grid interaction, buildings as node balancers in a smart city context, rules and regulations in the Energy Space, and how to truly go BeyondBuildings and back in future-ready ways. This is an episode you really want to listen to!

This is a great follow-up to the last episode about exponential risk in Real Estate with Robert W Cross that we really recommend, if you haven’t listened to it already. We will update you later this week, and remember to like and subscribe!

Articles and content that will take you to the next level this week:

“In today's world governed by short attention spans, fake news, and buzzwords, it is easy to forget that the open standard for production line #digitaltwins already exists and has been around for the last 15(!) years: I give you AutomationML, with the ask to please, please, please at least write import tools for your hip-and-trendy digital twin solution, so customers don't need to start over modeling their production lines but can use their existing assets” - Erich Barnstedt

  • Automation ML. What is AutomationML? A modeling language for any kind of object structure. And a file format for it. And IEC international Standard IEC 62714. And easy to learn and to program. Check out the comment section.

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“It's interesting that we have been taught to view the world in slices and thinking about things in isolation.  From subjects to schools, countries, to career choices and specializing in different materials. And then we get surprised when things don't work out the way we want them to when putting different things together.

What if we would assume that things need to go together to actually solve problems, and find the best way for systems, as well as people to work together to solve problems that exist in the real world?”

- Nicolas Waern