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🎧#27 Exponential Risk in Real Estate, Climate Crisis, Capitalism, and Energetic Moonshots - Robert W. Cross

🎧#27 Exponential Risk in Real Estate, Climate Crisis, Capitalism, and Energetic Moonshots - Robert W. Cross

What is happening in the Real Estate Industry when it comes to Energy and Climate Change? Where are the drivers for sustainability? What is the risk involved in today's climate?

If all of the energy is being supplied from the sun and in local energy communities, is energy savings even needed anymore? This was a curveball that we got to throw at Robert W. Cross and it was an interesting answer!

“I'm starting to think that they are also the same system, the same people, to an extent that are, that I perceive are part of the problem are going to wind up being a part of the solution…And if you think about it the reality is as the climate is changing, the exposure to risk is growing exponentially…” - Robert W. Cross

This is an episode that goes Beyond Buildings and we get a chance to talk to the global thought-leader in energy, Robert W. Cross. His banking and finance background opens up for interesting discussions since he has been designing energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for utility clients. Specifically in their multifamily and home programs. And he was one of the driving forces in opening up the cleantech space for investors back when solar photovoltaics cost exponentially more than it is today.

Robert is a business model engineer working with CEOs and founders of cleantech and renewable energy companies. This is truly an inspirational discussion and we get to talk about why the energy side matters, a lot. And why it might be risky business to continue to be a part of the status quo group.

If anyone is up to the task of creating an impact for the world, it’s definitely Robert W. Cross. He is a long-term fighter against immovable objects in industries and has an amazing track record in introducing sustainable change at scale.

These are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • What is happening in the energy space?

  • Why are things happening while others are not?

  • How are we combating the ongoing Climate Crisis?

  • What is keeping solar power to really hit the market for real and gain widespread adoption?

  • What are the hurdles in the energy market?

  • Why is California a hotbed of innovation regarding energy companies?

  • If the energy supply that comes to buildings is 100% sustainable. Is there still a need for energy efficiency?

“Originally I thought we would have some kind of moonshot addressing climate impacts. I thought that there would be a global coalition….

obviously coming from America, that we would take a leadership position and address this problem. This is a real issue for me, why that has not happened..”

  • Can we bring the change the planet wants outside capitalism? Or do we need to understand market dynamics more and play the game as it is?

  • What will make the change for buildings in the short-long-  to medium term?

  • How can portfolio owners assess risk?

  • will corporations become more committed to truly measuring assets on a real granular level, because if you're not measuring assets on a granular level, you are exposed to risk?

  • Will people come back to commercial real estate? If so, why, and how, and what’s needed to get them there?

This and more will be asked and answered in this episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast. Truly an amazing episode that you can’t afford to miss!


Is there a new normal for Real Estate? And what effects will the focus on Energy Savings have on Real Estate? How can risk be mitigated and managed? Will the industry be okay with obsolete data? Or will the drivers come from banking, rules, and regulations augmented by the Sustainable Development Goals and a Global sense of urgency?

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  • Robert W. Cross Business Strategy Consultant - I help Cleantech and Renewable Energy CEOs fix their business models and scale

  • Nicolas Waern, Podcast Creator, Strategy & Innovation Expert at WINNIIO