💡#3 - The "BBBP" - The Yotta Age of Data, Sustainability, towards an open transparent world

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The Podcast Episode with Don Kasper about Contextually aware buildings in a Smart City/Smart Grid World – Don Kasper - Part 1 has been released last week and if you haven’t listened to it, just click the link above. We promise it is an episode that is worth listening to!

We also have a new series called RAW, where the first episode “I’m sorry but I hacked your eyes…” is out now! It is the ability to control reality where Greg Demchak and Nicolas Waern talked about the future of controlling reality with truly immersive ways of working. It is an episode you don’t wanna miss!

Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

  • Moody’s embraces ESG imperative. Global financial risk assessment firm Moody’s Corporation has published its inaugural 2020 stakeholder sustainability report, through which the company aims to show that sustainability considerations have moved to the core of its global business and operations.

  • The case for the Open Smart City by Vaclav Vincalek. Here is the opportunity that could change the world. We should be using electric cars not only as a mode of transportation but as part of a distributed network.

    “Imagine if any idle vehicle connects to the cloud and provides a computing resource to solve problems that would be too expensive under normal circumstances.”

  • German startup Aleph Alpha raises $27M Series A round to build ‘Europe’s OpenAI’. The idea behind Aleph Alpha is that it researches, develops, and “operationalizes” large AI systems toward generalizable AI, offering GPT-3-like text, vision and strategy AI models.

  • Open Government Partnership. Stats NZ and Transparency International New Zealand are working to increase the transparency and accountability of how the government uses algorithms, including through outreach to relevant user communities within and outside government.

  • Investors need to prepare for the ‘Yotta Age’ of data. The scale of future growth in data usage, driven by wireless connectivity, is immeasurable. One way to get a rough estimate of that is to look at the growth of sensors that measure and collect data from industrial equipment, vehicles, and other Internet-connected devices.

  • Readiness for Market: More than completing software development. Research and innovation projects are usually set up to find a solution for a need. By implication, if a project’s outputs are to be productized, early-stage exploitation planning should be a vital part of a project’s activities. We stumbled upon these tools when applying for a Smart City grant regarding the future of mobility in Smart Cities.

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