💡#4 - The "BBBP" - The Foundation Wars

Solving problems in silos don't really work that well. The Smartphone has an Appstore. Will buildings have the same when we get to Smart Buildings? How do we get there?

Here comes the weekly dose of "BeyondBuildingBulletPoints”, a list of what is happening around our world. Because that is the thing. The future is already here but unevenly distributed.

We got the clone wars, ontology wars, and possibly also the foundation wars. We got debates on Linkedin regarding Smart Buildings, and also articles about Smart Buildings being dead;

Originally posted at Automatedbuildings.com and also here, by Nicolas Waern. It discusses the fact that it is not for the lack of frameworks that change is slow. But it might be something else, in addition to great tools of how to orchestrate technology layers. Because what are the foundations we need to stand on?

Building Future Foundations

As mentioned below, Rob Huntington has been a guest in one of our episodes titled Outcome-based Digital Twin Simulations and he is on fire right now on Linkedin. Are the applications the tip of the iceberg? If so, what is the iceberg made of?

We can also read about the urgency from the world at large, where the climate crisis is here for real. We see that AI/ML-powered solutions can vastly solve problems much faster and better than humans. We can also read that combining 3D data and “classic” data should optimize transferring knowledge between systems and people and passing the time test.

And everywhere around us, we see companies going after the foundation needed to create a sustainable key-stone advantage. Volkswagen is going after the foundation of future services for cars, and others are contemplating where the foundations start and stop. Interesting times ahead and fortune favors the ones with interoperability in mind for people, systems, and AI. And as 5G is slowly but surely being distributed, others are also planning for Hi-fi holographic societies with 6G in mind. This is also discussed in an episode about controlling reality that was a big hit!

If you haven’t listened to it, here is the link “I’m sorry but I hacked your eyes….

If you are interested in the foundation of Digital Buildings and Smarter buildings, these links could be something for you!

Articles and content that will help in going Beyond Buildings:

  • Tenant/Workplace Experience Applicationsby Rob Huntington. There are many layers & if the app is an afterthought, there is a high degree of complexity & cost to stitch the various systems & layers together to allow the app to function. If a project kicks off with the app in mind as a key deliverable, every decision that relates to building technology must always be cross-checked back to that key deliverable to ensure the deployment of all the various foundational subsystems is achievable & optimized.

  • Rob has been a guest in one of our episodes titled Outcome-based Digital Twin Simulations. In this episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast, we talked more about the changes needed in the real estate industry, App store concepts, and Tesla comparisons to OTA (Over The Air) updates. It is an episode worth listening to and you don’t wanna miss it!

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