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🎧#12 Outcome-based Digital Twin Simulations - Rob Huntington

🎧#12 Outcome-based Digital Twin Simulations - Rob Huntington

I think it’s a misconception that an intelligent building is going to cost a lot of money…

In this episode of the beyond buildings podcast we continue to listen to the great Building Automation guru Rob Huntington from Australia. Where we talk more about the change needed in the real estate industry. This is part two, so if you haven’t listened to part one, you could start here and listen to it first!

At the very beginning of this episode, I go on a rant about Digital Twins, what they are, what they should solve, and what value they can provide for customers. And then we discuss the importance of context, and how expensive is something really when viewing it from a holistic perspective?

We talk about:

  • Digital Twin conversion and what a digital twin is and what it might be?

  • Digital Twins for visualization or for simulation?

  • Real-time, visualization, scalable, and AI-ready data fabrics

  • How do we solve the knowledge sharing gap?

  • When do we involve people from the operating phase into the decision-making capabilities?

  • How to achieve alignment with what users need, and what buildings can provide?

  • How can the building be ready for the unknown?

  • What is parametric and generative design?

  • Does the construction industry need to change to outcome-driven procurement?

  • Will an intelligent building cost more money?

We talk about App store concepts and Tesla comparisons to OTA (Over The Air) updates. What is the sense of urgency to run what-if scenarios and simulations, knowing what will happen before it happens? We also discuss at length if this really is a technology problem or a people problem. Simply put, this is an episode you can’t miss! Please let me know what you think, and what you want to hear more of.

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And please leave a comment, share your thoughts, and give us some input on how we can improve for the future! Because it’s the data we don’t have, that will change our lives!

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Outcome-based Digital Twin Simulations is out at Anchor and all places where Podcasts live. And finally, a big thank you to Rob, and to the Beyond Buildings podcast Sponsor:
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  • Rob Huntington, Digital Buildings | Intelligent Buildings | Master System Architect & Integrator 

  • Nicolas Waern, Podcast Creator, Strategy & Innovation Expert at WINNIIO