Accelerating Value Creation with Spin Selling - Part 1 of 3.

Are we helping customers get faster horses? Or do we build them next-gen cars? Rocket ships? Are we focusing too much on treating symptoms? Why not eliminate root causes?

“Everything starts and ends with a person whose job will be affected” - Manne Johansson

Do we need to take a step back and see if what we are doing could be eliminated? By whom? If we change the flow of water at the stream, how will that affect the existing business? What will be lost, what will be created?

In lieu of a podcast episode about real-time data/stream processing for real estate discussing the topics below.

  • Is Open Source something to bet on in Industrial IoT?

  • In a world where everything is connected, will it be more open? Or more proprietary?

  • How can PLCs and Open architectures co-exist?

  • Do companies have to use proprietary tools to get data out of industrial PLCs?

  • Hybrid Clouds and modern data strategies

  • How can companies get started and prepare for Big Data before big data exists?

  • What is the main benefit of working with Open source technologies?

  • What are multi-cloud strategies and why is that important?

  • What are the two main drivers for hybrid cloud strategies?

The podcast will come out soon, and if you have any questions about the above, reach out! I thought that I’d share some thoughts about the art of buying/selling and some tips to understand the needs in an easier way.

How to create value, faster, better, together

What is the job to be done? Who will it affect, when, and who will make the decisions? I see that a lot of the challenges today in getting the tech to scale in traditional industries adhere to a simple lack of understanding of basic sales.

I should know, I have been the master of drowning horses instead of leading them to water. And it’s not so much about sales as it is value lost in time.

Therefore, I’ll share some tips on what could help in getting more of a match between the ones that are procuring and accelerating time to value creation. The focus will be on:

  • Spin selling

And the next two will be about:

  • Jobs to be done

  • Technology tools to help with the Digital Wins.

Spin Selling - What is it good for

I got to know the SPIN selling framework a couple of years ago and it’s one of the best frameworks in the world. It allows anyone and everyone to go into any meeting, just asking questions, to figure out everything they need to know about the potential customer and their needs.

The point is to get a picture of what they do (situation), make them feel the pain and problems (Implication), and drag them down to hell. And back.

The intent is to make the person on the other side understand that they can’t go on with the same ways of working that they have done and let them come up with what they think the answer would be.

“Now that you made yourself understand that you can’t go on working in this way, what do you see would be the perfect way of working? If you would get a solution that would solve this tomorrow, what would it be worth? When can you make a decision about this and is there anyone else that needs to be involved?”

The point is also to not be afraid to ask, what would it be worth to you? When can you make a decision about this? If companies would do this more and also ask how much their existing ways of working costs, direct and indirect. Then we would probably see a different picture in the ways of purchasing, adopting, and realizing value from tech investments. Because a lot of the costs that are linked to obsolete processes, can and also should be ELIMINATED. Not just optimized. And that is the topic for another day. Elimination focus and understanding the root causes.

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