Is there a need for Digital Triplets? Quadruplets? Siblings even? Part 1 - Nicolas Waern

Or is it just a lack of understanding thus far, as to what capabilities Digital Twins have? And the road towards Triplets, will lead to a slippery slope?

How can we adapt to a world that was, that is, and will be? How can we adapt to a future that is unknown? Can we make it known by utilizing the concept of Digital Twins, and go Beyond Buildings? Can we simulate the future, having done thousands of AI-driven simulations, and bring the solutions back to the now, knowing what the future will look like?

Back from the Future with Virtual Digital Twins

Is it possible to say that people should build the Digital Twin first, and then the physical counterpart will follow? Maybe it is just back from the future with Digital Twins, where the simulation side of things is added as one possible dimension of many capabilities of a Digital Twin initiative. But is it possible to get started on the Digital Twin Journey without having a physical asset? Is it more than possible and should even be recommended?

“Does the Digital Twin always need a physical counterpart?”

If the new construction of a hospital can re-use the intelligence from a demolished hospital (and or a virtual hospital) and modify it so that a new one can be built, and modified 95% faster than before to match the reality where it will be built. Is that not the true purpose of having Digital Twins? Transcending Product Management Lifecycles and into true meta-verse Enablement?

Where we can record reality, and truly transcend the shackles of having to do something in reality first, and only afterward utilize digital tools and technologies?

What’s the true purpose of Digital Twins that is different from other tools, technologies and concepts today?

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