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About Nicolas Waern

During my last 5 years, I’ve been trying to figure out the building automation industry. And through my 10 000’s meetings, I’ve learned that even though the technology makes sense, people and existing industry dynamics, do not. At least not always.

I’ve been writing articles for Automated Buildings for 2 years and I will definitely continue to do so.


And there’s a big but here. Buildings seem to be more than Heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning. It’s more than the BAS/BMS/BIM (Building Automation System/Building Management System, Building Information Modeling) and that’s why Beyond Buildings exist.

Maybe we don’t have to agree on ONE standard to rule them all or use yesterday’s technology to solve the problems of tomorrow.

To find out exactly what that more is. I created this newsletter and podcast for people who are interested in solving challenges in a Smart City Context. Not just the fluffy stuff, but actually read what people are doing at the cutting edge and not so cutting edge. Read and hear about how other people think about problems, and what they do to solve challenges that they have.

I believe strongly that it’s the data people and companies don’t have or don’t use today that will change their life. And I see that it’s better to look above and beyond, to find out how other people solve challenges. Maybe they have a solution I haven’t? Maybe another industry has come up with something that this industry hasn’t, yet? Maybe we don’t have to agree on ONE standard to rule them all or use yesterday’s technology to solve the problems of tomorrow.

This is for you if you want to learn more about how the world works and just listen to someone else’s problem for a while. Maybe you’ll learn something today, or it will pop up tomorrow or in the future when you least expect it but need it the most. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter podcast and thought leadership. Never miss an update.

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