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🎧#34 Creating Smart Buildings - Bryce Anderson and Nicolas Waern

🎧#34 Creating Smart Buildings - Bryce Anderson and Nicolas Waern

The importance of collaboration, the role of consultants, and the need to solve problems with the help of modern tools and an enabling mindset.
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“Something I found really interesting was the concept of trying to use technology to solve a problem, which is not, I know it sounds pretty obvious, but I haven't thought about it exactly like that before. And in the building management system industry example, we don't really think about how we can use technology to solve a problem" - Bryce Anderson

In this special episode of BeyondBuildings Podcast, Jon Lester interviewed Bryce Anderson our founder, Nicolas Waern, about Creating Smart Buildings. They have discussed the importance of collaboration, and the role of consultants, in creating smart buildings enabled by the latest technology.

We get to hear their vision and perspective about how the smart building will be in the future. We will go in-depth about smarter materials, automated machinery, modern tools, and the need for modern mindsets. What we need from the future and potentially how we could go beyond buildings.

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Here are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • What are Smart Buildings?

  • What has changed in technology in the last 5-10 years?

  • How important is standardization, around data and integration, like BACnet when you are designing a building?

  • What is the role of BACnet in relation to more modern tools and technologies?

  • How, how do we fix this, this collaboration process?

  • How do we get more people on the page with the right knowledge at the right space so that we can get ourselves to that point in the future?

  • How is the construction model aligned with catering to complex technology?

  • How do we move from where we are, to where we need to be?

  • Where are we on the journey of creating Smart Buildings? What is the goal, and will we get there in time?

  • Should technology happen in phases and waterfall? Or do we need a slightly different delivery model as well?

  • Why is this needed? Is this urgent and why?

  • What is the foundation we need to build sustainable and future-ready buildings? Who are the people to get this done?

The answer on those things about how we are specifying that sort of communication or structure, it's not really happening very well because we still in now the same delivery model that we've been in for the last 50 years.

This episode has a lot of twists and turns where the smart building was were discussed and what our role would be in the not-so-distant future. And made it even clearer that we can start creating a better future with the help of technology. Do you agree or disagree?

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