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🎧#35 Community-driven innovation, People first mindsets, and Open-Sourced Smart Buildings – David Blanche

🎧#35 Community-driven innovation, People first mindsets, and Open-Sourced Smart Buildings – David Blanche

Edge vs Cloud, where does one start, and where does one end up? Which people should be able to come in and create value? And how long should it take?

”The smartest building is the one that just allows people to freely come in and solve problems with technology” - David Blanche

We saw this post from David on LinkedIn on how to create Smart Buildings where Teams is the interface to make Smart Buildings more approachable outside the building automation industry. This is why we invited him here are extremely happy to feature David Blanch, who is the CTO of Bitpool. David is all about community-driven approaches and a people-first mindset where Smart Buildings should be the enablers of innovation at a much more rapid pace than what they are today.

"If we want to bring in, uh, a full-stack developer to build a mobile app. And if we can't do that, then it's not a smart building.

David started in the industry about 15 years ago, and as with many others, it quickly snowballed to unlocking value from disparate systems and focusing on the need of the users and how to create a foundation for future readiness at scale.

David is adamant in enabling others to come in and build value on top of buildings with a core focus on people. Not just the people in the industry but making it easier for anyone and everyone that should be able to create value with buildings.

We cover all the hot topics in buildings and discuss the power of open source tools, edge & cloud strategies, and the importance of speed and scalability.

“I don't believe customers should be sitting there spending hundreds of thousands of dollars building up tagging structures, but what they want to be able to do is onboard and off-board providers as they need to”


Here are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • What’s the learning curve with Taxonomies?

  • What role does MQTT have?

  • What are some examples of a Smart Building vs a Dumb Building?

  • What is Distributed intelligence and where should companies start?

  • How do companies make money from open source?

  • The power of Open source?

  • How do we get Teams as an application to run smart buildings?

  • What role does Node-red have in creating smarter buildings?

  • How do we solve the skill-shortage gap?

  • Where does AI come in?

  • How close is AI to being adopted in buildings?

  • How can people come in with AI in buildings?

  • Are we creating value fast enough?

  • How can we create the recipes for a change and scale it across the world?

  • What is the need for transparency in the industry?

David has a pragmatic and futuristic approach at the same time. And it’s no wonder that Aussies are taking over the world when it comes to smarter buildings. David talks about vital approaches in how to think about AI and Smarter buildings, and the need for urgency in getting better and faster access to data in standardized ways.

And at the end, we also discuss what the future might be like with Smart Contracts, AI, NFTs, and a community-driven approach! Truly an interesting discussion!

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