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🎧#11 World Merging & Duplication Destruction

🎧#11 World Merging & Duplication Destruction

Why are we doing the same things in the same way, but expecting different results?

In this amazing episode that is part 1 of 2, we talk to the legendary building automation expert, Rob Huntington in Australia.

We get to learn from someone who's seen it all and is taking that knowledge and helping customers future proof their buildings, as well as their businesses. We talk about the need to avoid duplications and how companies can realize a single pane of glass. And not only that, but we also talk about:

  • What security aspects to consider, not only remote security.

  • How important it is to create communication between people.

  • Digital Twins vs IoT Platforms, what's the difference?

  • Translation between the worlds of OT/IT and IoT.

  • The importance of on-site security as well as remote access.

  • How to move Smart Buildings from Buzz-words to cost-saving advantage.

  • The importance of getting people into the same room and sharing a reality.

  • Is there such a thing as shadow OT?

  • The dynamics of construction, owners, and what is needed to change this industry for real.

Rob talks about the importance of changing the conversation and that we can't take smart silo-solutions and expect building intelligence. And that we need to be better at showing how to go from Smart Buildings as a buzzword, to a cost-saving exercise that will benefit the industry at large. Hotels and other industries might have pre-historic guidelines hampering modern results. Maybe it’s the guidelines that need updating, now more than ever? Will that happen through standardization, increased communication, or do we throw more people at the problem?

It is very true that we got a couple of problems to solve… And luckily for all of us, Rob is definitely there to solve them!

Another fantastic episode with an amazing smart building specialist. Please let me know what you think, and what you want to hear more of. Thank you for listening to the Beyond Buildings Podcast!

And please leave a comment, share your thoughts, and give us some input on how we can improve for the future! Because it’s the data we don’t have, that will change our lives!

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  • Rob Huntington, Digital Buildings | Intelligent Buildings | Master System Architect & Integrator 

  • Nicolas Waern, Podcast Creator, Strategy & Innovation Expert at WINNIIO