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🎧#13 Digital Twins, Responsible Innovation, and Value-driven Artificial Intelligence - Nicolas Waern

🎧#13 Digital Twins, Responsible Innovation, and Value-driven Artificial Intelligence - Nicolas Waern

Butterflies and Bacon – Responsible Innovation with Value Driven Digital Twins

“Utopia or Dystopia? Maybe both? Ethical and responsible business should be the ONLY way to do business.”

In this special episode of the beyond buildings podcast we talk to the Smart World Architect that is… Nicolas Waern! I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the amazing Dr. Lawrence Ampofo about Responsible Innovation from a Digital Twin perspective. Lawrence is a thought leader on the impact of digital technologies on humans and society and the humanization of technologies in the workplace. Digital Mindfulness is what Lawrence is all about and he is doing an amazing job at that!

Lawrence had some great questions and I go on a rant about how to ingrain responsible innovation into the very fabric of daily decision making and everything around it.

We discuss the importance of context and I talk about the fact that I just want to know more and more and more, from everyone.

We talk about the end of the beginning, and possibly, the beginning of the end?

·       What is the relationship between AI and Digital Twins?

·       How can companies know what will happen before it happens?

·       How can we record reality and make it into a force for good?

·       Why is visualization so important from a Responsible Innovation perspective?

·       How to transition from a traditional company into one with Digital DNA?

·       Responsible Innovation in the Supply Chain with Digital Twins

·       How Digital Twins relate to IoT and analytics

·       The importance of getting silos connected to understand the full picture

·       How combined data sources can improve time to value creation

·       The pillars of a modern digital twin

·       The relationship between Digital Twins, Blockchain and BI Dashboards

·       The role of visualizations and simulations related to Digital Twins

·       How Digital Twins can help companies be ready for the future

·       What steps are relevant to create the impact companies need

·       Climate Change relevance, and why we need to do more, together!

·       Why companies need a shared reality for their stakeholders

·       Digital Twins enabling increased transparency from a responsibility perspective

Because the thing is.

If everything is connected. And machines can talk to each other in a native way. Will there be places to relax? Will there be places to hide from the digital world? Or will we forever be trapped by the very tools that was created to make us more human? Is all this technology allowing and enabling us to be more human? Or less?

This is a Digital Twin episode from a Social Responsibility perspective and how it might help usher in a better world for everyone!

Go above and beyond, with the beyond buildings podcast!

And please leave a comment, share your thoughts, and give us some input on how we can improve for the future! Because it’s the data we don’t have, that will change our lives!

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