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🎧#14 Holistic Smart Portfolio Performance - Peter Rake

🎧#14 Holistic Smart Portfolio Performance - Peter Rake

A faster path to value and a road towards better-performing assets

“…A Faster path to value in onboarding buildings, and it’s companies like ours that serve the data up…”

In this episode of the Beyond Building Podcast, we talk to the Phenomenal Peter Rake from Switch Automation. Peter is the Global Director of Integration and he really knows what the industry needs to do to achieve a faster path to value in onboarding buildings and getting to digital maturity. It is companies like Switch Automation that can serve the data up faster, marrying BMS and IoT from a holistic perspective and also create a much needed behavioralchange!

We talk about:

  • How to monetize data and not only save it on energy, maintenance, and productivity

  • How to create the recipes of well-performing buildings based on interoperable ingredients

  • The bumpy road to getting data out of buildings and the turtle marathon that exists

  • That it is not only about the data in the buildings, but also other important places

  • How to understand if buildings are running a fever?

  • If the data is not accessible by anyone who will pay for the digging?

  • The importance of work order integrations, and getting the holistic perspective

  • How Switch Automation enables people to make the most of the data they have today

  • The importance of tagging standards

  • Future trends of accommodating everything, to come in from the BIM side of things, and building “smart from start”

  • It’s not Star Wars, but Protocol Wars and Standardization Wars nonetheless

  • How customers can slice and dice their data based on their business

  • Is sequencing of the past or is it something for the future?

  • When did tenant-focus start, and who did it start with?

Peter does an amazing job keeping the conversation focused on the challenges at hand and what we need to do as a community to get things to happen. It is important to realize that a lot of people are on a journey and understand where they are. And also, what Peter says about the necessity of having a destination in mind! Technology, as well as people, need to be aligned, and it is a journey, not a sprint.

Recording this episode was a lot of fun where Peter excels in explaining how Switch Automation helps in delivering a faster path to value in onboarding buildings, and getting to increased digital maturity for the entire industry! Go above and beyond, with the Beyond Buildings Podcast!

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