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🎧#15 Smart, Secure, Real Estate Portfolio Strategy Creation - Osman Saleem

🎧#15 Smart, Secure, Real Estate Portfolio Strategy Creation - Osman Saleem

Part 1 of 2!

“Having everything under one roof, that’s the way to go for the future”

- IT/OT/IoT conversion

In this great episode of the Beyond Building Podcast, we talk to the incredible Osman Saleem from Intelligent Buildings. We have a really fun discussion around Smart Building Strategies and Operational Technology Security Strategies. Osman leverages his impressive background in providing valuable insights to customers such as Senior Executive Leadership and organizations in different fields. Osman really knows what he is talking about which you can both hear in the episode and see from the topics below!

This is what you will learn more about:

  • How can Smart Building help companies manage risk?

  • What is the most important thing, energy? Or something else?

  • What are the KPIs for said organization and how can it be delivered?

  • What are the key trends for the future?

  • What is needed to get people back to buildings?

  • What’s the ROI of being in business, having buildings people want to be in in a world where more people work from home?

  • Can you see what will happen before it happens?

  • Where do you fit the Smart Building “stuff” in the construction process? Who pays for it?

  • Who pays for the future today, and how to make the arguments?

  • What’s the value of focusing on Tenant experience?

  • How to build secure and smart from start?

  • What companies can go in and cloak existing networks in heart-beat, giving portfolio managers the heart-beat of the buildings?

  • How open is this industry when it comes to hacker attacks and malware?

  • What are the risks and who is managing them?

  • Will there be a separation of IT, OT and IoT? Or will it be on the same network?

All is not gold that glimmers, that’s for sure. But is there a way to get away from the Lowest bid mentality? Or is it more of how to create the best solution for the lowest cost possible? Isn’t that what should happen? And if so, what are the metrics?

Osman Saleem takes us all on a journey in this episode. And I agree that we need to ride the wave of change in the traditional building automation industry and get it to a level where people can derive more value from buildings in an easy, secure, and interoperable way. What do you think?

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