Nov 19, 2020 • 25M

🎧#16 Bomb Scares, City Foundations and How to Achieve a Shared Secure Reality for All - Osman Saleem

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Part 2 of 2!

“You don't want to touch on everything and actually achieve nothing. You want to achieve the foundation and then build on that”

In part two episode of the Beyond Building Podcast, we continue the discussion with the incredible Osman Saleem from Intelligent Buildings. This episode provides a holistic discussion of the many different domino-effects regarding building vulnerability. What could happen if someone would change the intake of air at a hospital? What could happen if printers are plugged into the network? How to get started with Smart Building strategies?

These are the questions you will find out more about!

  • What are the weaknesses and strengths of Tech companies learning real estate?

  • What are the weaknesses and strengths of Real Estate companies learning tech?

  • How to bridge the gap between tech and real estate?

  • How do we go from a reactive to a proactive security approach for buildings?

  • What would be the ramifications for the organizations business continuity?

  • Productivity and well-being knowing that they are in a building that isn’t secure?

  • Where does the holistic picture start and where does it end?

  • How would cyber-threats affect the tenant experience?

  • Is there a need for personal interaction, showing that there is something happening?

  • What are the alternatives to not having Smart Buildings?

  • How to make the argument for Smart Buildings and how to get started?

  • What will drive change in the short and long-term?

  • The importance of adjusting goals with matching technology.

  • In creating smart buildings, how important is the people's perspective?

What do you think? Are buildings accidents waiting to happen? What would happen if cities came out with new legal requirements on open data from real estate portfolios? Would this drive the adoption of smart building technology and put additional focus on the security measures people need to take? What is the actual role buildings need to take in a Smart City context, and what role does security have to play?

Go above and beyond, with the Beyond Buildings Podcast!

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