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🎧#17 Leaving no person or building behind - Seun Thomas Orimolade

🎧#17 Leaving no person or building behind - Seun Thomas Orimolade

Combatting Global Warming through Smart Buildings and Smarter people

"…Humans are still the ones who control these intelligent technologies that we have today…"

In this phenomenal episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast, we get to talk to the hero Seun Thomas Orimolade who is working as a service specialist focusing on how to create value for customers in a sustainable way. He started in the HVAC Building Automation industry and has followed his passion of Smart Buildings all over the world! I learned a lot in this episode and Seun really taught me one of the most important lessons I really needed to hear.

Leave no person, or building behind. We are all in it to win it, and there's no business to be done on a dead planet.

This was truly a life-changing episode and we get to learn from Seun how projects and people should be approached in the best way possible when it comes to sustainable digitalization!

These are the questions you will find out more about!

  • How can risk be evaluated in projects?

  • What are the appetite for trying new things and the risk of inaction?

  • Where is Smart Buildings sensoring moving towards?

  • What value propositions are customers interested in?

  • How to maximize the use of space?

  • Before technology, what is the most important thing?

  • Where is the change coming from in the industry?

  • How important is it to demystify the buzzwords?

  • How can existing organizations manage Smart Buildings?

  • What are the keys to creating a successful smart building initiative?

  • How to divide customers into stages of readiness?

  • How to talk about technology with decision-makers?

  • How to get organizational buy-in?

  • What happens if we can't embrace technology?

People before processes, meeting customers where they are, taking steps in the right direction, and understanding that we are all in it together. This was a truly enlightening episode that has changed my life for the better. Everyone is looking for something, and it's up to us to demystify what we do and really teach elephants how to dance!

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