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🎧#18 From a Proprietary Past to an Open Future - Kai Waehner

🎧#18 From a Proprietary Past to an Open Future - Kai Waehner

Part 1 of 2 - From silos to streaming platforms - What has changed in the big data landscape over the last 10 years

“…I see more and more data flowing around and you need to apply and leverage it to add business value and be innovative in your business”

Part 1 of 2 - In this sensational streaming episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast, we get to talk to the rockstar that is Kai Waehner who is a Technology Evangelist and Big Data Analyst, helping Fortune 500 companies get started, get going, and succeeding in becoming cloud-native. He’s been working with data integration his whole life and has first hand seen the journey Big Data has taken during the last couple of decades. We get to learn more about how to combine slow data and fast data in the same platform, what the industrial IoT scene looks like, Railway Connectivity, and we go above and beyond where most buildings are today. Will there be a need to transfer millions of messages per second in the real estate industry? If so, how can it be done?

This is an episode where we might get a glimpse towards the future modern data strategies for Real Estate Portfolios, that are part of a Smart City context. We get to find out the relationship between open architectures and existing proprietary PLC and much much more. What an exceptional episode thanks to Kai, and I strongly recommend reading up on Streaming Platforms, Apache Kafka, and think about what the future demands from your business!

These are the questions you will find out more about!

  • What has changed in the big data landscape over the last 10 years

  • In a world where everything is connected, will it be more open? Or more proprietary?

  • What can a distributed architecture look like?

  • Do companies have to use proprietary tools to get data out of industrial PLCs?

  • What are the challenges in creating meaningful data?

  • Hybrid Clouds and modern data strategies

  • How did the need originate to manage real-time streaming and big data?

  • How can companies get started and prepare for Big Data before big data exists?

  • What is the relationship between IoT, Big Data, Kafka, and solving business needs from a 360 perspective?

  • How to integrate slow and fast data in the same platform?

  • Who’s using Kafka, and big data streaming when it comes to industries?

  • What is the main benefit of working with Open source technologies?

  • What are multi-cloud strategies and why is that important?

  • What could a modern data strategy look like?

  • What are the two main drivers for hybrid cloud strategies?

  • How can companies move away from spaghetti infrastructures?

  • What is replication and what is the relevance with a modern data strategy?

  • What would a modern data strategy look like for real estate portfolios and what’s the similarity to cruise ships if any?

  • How does the railway industry get things done in a connected way?

I’ve been following Kai Waehner for a couple of years now and I really like Kafka as an open-source technology as well as Confluent with what they are bringing to the table. There’s not really one size fits all anymore in this space, which also why open source, open APIs, as well as metadata tagging is so important. If everyone is allowed to talk to one another, we need to understand what it is we are saying, and why we are saying it. Both in terms of people, but also for machines. Going above and beyond real estate is important and it’s fascinating to know more about why will be hybrid cloud strategies in automotive and manufacturing, and that everything is moving towards distributed intelligence.

What do you think? Are there any similarities between real estate, industry 4.0, and the importance of local control?

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From a Proprietary Past to an Open Future is out at Anchor and all places where Podcasts live. And finally, a big thank you to Kai Waehner, and to the Beyond Buildings podcast Sponsor:
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  • Kai Waehner, Global Technology Advisor - Technology Evangelist/Field CTO at Confluent

  • Nicolas Waern, Podcast Creator, Strategy & Innovation Expert at WINNIIO