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🎧#20 A new era of Construction, 3D-Printing, and a Planetary Purpose - Jennifer Christman

🎧#20 A new era of Construction, 3D-Printing, and a Planetary Purpose - Jennifer Christman

Understanding the Digital Thread in the Real Estate Industry through 3D-printing and Lifecycle Digital Twin Thinking.

“Architects love being unique and different. Contractors like consistency.”

Hardball questions to a former softball player that worked hard in achieving long-life goals from 10 years of age. Having seen the spaghetti junction in Atllanta, saying, “I want to build that when I grow up” Jennifer is now out there, realizing her dream of building the future for all of us!

This is an episode where passion shines through and it’s inspiring to hear that Jennifer really wants the construction industry to succeed with 3D-printing. Simply due to the fact that there are so many avenues of innovation. We talk about different use cases, what’s holding the industry back, and some interesting truths about the Construction Industry in general and why change is hard to come by.

Truly a fantastic episode where Jennifer shares her past, present, and future thoughts about the construction industry. We also talk about parametric and generative design and how to create a better future with less risk and more inclusivity.

These are the questions you will find out more about!

  • How do rules and regulations affect construction projects?

  • How can regulating-bodies help in getting market adoption of new technologies?

  • What are the first-mover advantages and disadvantages when doing something new?

  • What are the application areas for 3D printing?

  • Example selling points when talking about 3D printing and what could be the benefits?

  • How can 3D printing help in disaster relief areas, and affordable housing segments?

  • What is the relationship between building smart and start and 3D printing?

  • How do stakeholders become involved in the production perspective regarding 3D printing?

  • What does 3D printing mean from an owner, construction as well as end-user perspective?

  • How can modern technology help win more deals, and out excel competition?

  • What are the benefits of utilizing modern technologies and for whom?

  • What do contractors and construction companies love and hate?

  • How to move away from the skill-shortage gap and into a prosperous future?

  • How to keep the architectural freedom but keep consistency?

  • How to achieve impossible designs with less cost and labor?

  • How can we ensure the best proposal at the lowest cost?

  • How to get buy-in and adoption from Smart City purchasing?

  • What are the use cases for 3D printing in the construction space today?

How can 3D printing, data-driven decision making help us in realizing a better world for everyone? Can Digital Twins, 3D printing, rules, and regulations, combined usher in a new era?

What do you think will happen in the future? Is 2021 the year 3D-printing will truly help construction companies increase their margins and accelerate towards a more sustainable and efficient way of working? If not, why?

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