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🎧#21 Ecosystems, AI-Driven Integration and the Future of Smart Buildings - Rusty Hennessey

🎧#21 Ecosystems, AI-Driven Integration and the Future of Smart Buildings - Rusty Hennessey

- What is the relationship between Digital Twins, AI and how will the road to Smart Buildings play out?

Understanding the existing ways of working in the Building Automation Integration space when it comes to past, present, and future lock-in effects and switching costs. And everything else in between.

“You're not buying generally based on the hardware you're buying on what feature sets the software can provide to make that hardware do really cool stuff.”

With a background in the Smart Building integration industry going back decades, Rusty Hennessey has a lot of wisdom to share. And when Rusty says that he’s waking up every day, just excited about what he does, it’s destined for a great episode! This is an episode that zooms in and out to the world of building automation, focusing on Smart Building Integration. Rusty starts off by talking about the amazing people he gets to work with, and that his job is all about testing out new technology to deliver the best solutions for customers. It’s important to show the value, and that change is not something for everyone.

We get to understand more of why there’s such a slow technology adoption in the industry, and discussions around what needs to happen. We talk about technology trends, security, interoperability, what Digital Twins and AI will do for the industry, and also who’s leading the charge right now. We talk about the similarities and differences between the PC industry and that of Building Automation.

Plus everything below:

These are the questions you will find out more about!

  • What is the role of a modern Master Systems Integrator today?

  • How important is security for buildings and what is the mindset in the industry today?

  • What effect has Covid had on remote buildings?

  • How are the physical and cybersecurity attack surfaces been thought about in the industry?

  • Security Trends in the Building Automation Industry?

  • What are the benefits of open source in the building automation industry?

  • What are the challenges when getting data out, and what to do about it?

  • What is the state of vendor lock-in, service transparency, switching costs?

    “Like to me, I think the artificial intelligence and the digital twin absolutely go hand in hand”

  • How can we create a deeper interaction between stakeholders in the Smart Building industry?

  • What happens when Alexa and Google home will come into the building automation segment?

  • When to get started with AI?

  • Open software, open hardware, and open minds. Where does it start?

  • How important is it with Ecosystems thinking, Joint ventures and sharing information?

  • What is the relationship between Digital Twins, AI and how will the road to Smart Buildings play out?

  • How can we help to design organizational data structures to cater to the unknown?

Is it possible to let people work within their silo, where the data is part of a larger context with information that will stay with the building over time? And this episode made it even clearer that it might be easier and better to go with existing buildings instead of new buildings. Why is that? Do you agree or disagree?

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