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🎧#22 A 5G World made for Humans? Or Machines? Simplifying the Complexity of IoT - Marc Tobal

🎧#22 A 5G World made for Humans? Or Machines? Simplifying the Complexity of IoT - Marc Tobal

Ecosystem thinking and what’s the deal with 5G? Faster Download Times and Throughput? Low Latency? Something else?

This episode is all about understanding important aspects with connectivity, 5G, and what the difference is between the past, present, and future ways of working. And we also get a master-class in how IoT selling from a master at his trade. Are companies building products for humans? Or for machines? Why not both?

…”We are probably going to rely on machines and AI to become trusted advisors for humans to take better take better decisions through blockchain capabilities…”

In this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talk to the Connectivity King Marc Tobal’s amazing journey that is filled with words of wisdom and an understanding of how to sell IoT projects in the connectivity market like few others. His role is to simplify the complexity of IoT for customers as a trusted advisor. What are the key challenges when dealing with connectivity? How do companies get started, get going, and actually succeed with 5G? We get to hear about the difference between the 2G, 3G, and 4G and major differences to 5G and beyond.

This was recorded in September 2020 so there’s a lot of things that have happened since then. Reach out to know more about 5G, 6G, and Beyond!

These are the questions you will find out more about!

  • What are the key challenges with IoT?

  • What does the journey of getting born again connected look like?

  • How to get started, get going and succeed with IoT Projects?

  • Moving out of an existing role, what are the challenges?

  • What is 5G and what features interest you?

  • NB-IoT the relationship between 5G?

  • What to align, where, and with whom when discussing IoT?

  • How are solutions supposed to work together?

  • What would a future-proof industry look like?

What do you think? More experts? Fewer experts? How much should we go into the comfort zone, instead of outside it? This episode discusses the fact that we're specialists in different areas. And if companies are indeed looking to help the customer Marc means that we need to partner up more.

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  • Marc Tobal, CTO, Experienced Technology Leader and an Entrepreneur - IoT, Edge Computing, AI, Cloud, eCommerce, Big Data

  • Nicolas Waern, Podcast Creator, Strategy & Innovation Expert at WINNIIO