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🎧#24 Visual Twins & Smart Building Recipes - Joe Gaspardone

🎧#24 Visual Twins & Smart Building Recipes - Joe Gaspardone

Smart Building Foundations – Enterprise Level Connectivity, the role of Visual Twins, scaling up, and how to get started, get going and succeed in the real estate industry

“What if Apple didn't have a UI? How in the hell would we all use it…

…I can tell anybody listening, with absolute certainty that if you can't get a visual representation in place. Then you can't get scale in this industry” – Joe Gaspardone

“As long as connectivity is solved, compute power is not the issue."  was what Industrial IoT Expert Sastry Malladi said in the last episode.

Well guess what, this is something that Joe Gaspardone and his team at Montgomery Technologies have solved, for everyone!

Robust, Useful, and Attractive. That’s not only descriptive of most industry professionals working with building automation today, but it’s also what this episode is all about!

  • You will hear the real estate digitalization professional Joe Gaspardone talk about how to reach a future-proof connectivity foundation, and what needs to be done to get started with the recipe for smart buildings everywhere.

  • You will learn from someone who is working with building systems of every age, every type, every model. Montgomery Technologies have people on the ground all over the country and work in every major metropolitan market every day.

This episode builds on all of the earlier episodes and it offers tremendous insight into how to build a Smart Building Platform. It is not so much about betting on one standard as it is building platforms and solutions that are interoperable enough to work with any standard in a meaningful way.

We talk about everything from touchless tech, IoT, and the classic sides of building automation. To where the industry is right now, and where it needs to go next, and the importance of understanding industry dynamics at scale.

These are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • Companies new to the market, where should they focus?

  • What role will platform giants have in the future of Smart Buildings?

  • How valuable is the data that exists in buildings, and how can that be turned into information?

  • What is the role of Digital Twins when it comes to existing real-estate transformations?

  • Should we bet on A standard? Or should we bet on platforms that can be mapped to ANY standard?

  • What works in the Smart Building space? What will be here in the next 5 years?

“If you can't. Implement an enterprise level connectivity at the root level at the building level, then everything you layer on top becomes a nightmare for everyone”

  • What are people doing for healthy air?

  • What are people doing for the touchless tech?

  • How do we get to a foundation of connectivity for everyone?

  • How to accelerate decision-making capabilities for all stakeholders, forever?

  • How will Digital Twins stay updated through the lifecycle?

This and more will be asked and answered in this episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast. Truly an amazing episode that you can’t afford to miss!


Joe Gaspardone will also be available to answer questions in an upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) for the Beyond Buildings Podcast paying subscribers. The session will be moderated by Nicolas Waern who is working with Digital Twin enablement in other industries. Digital Twins, AI, 5G, and other tools are slowly making their way into every industry. Knowing what is happening in Construction, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, and other industries helps in predicting where the world is going in a week, a month, a year from now.

If you haven’t started thinking about becoming a paying subscriber, now is the time to do so!

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