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🎧#25 FPP & Future-proof Portfolios - Jeremy Richmond

🎧#25 FPP & Future-proof Portfolios - Jeremy Richmond

What is it that Proptech is missing? What does the future of Smart Buildings look like? What is the alignment between Rate of Innovation and Return on Investment?

“…If I build you a BI dashboard, I shouldn't have to explain to you what's on it …

…We start to see that fault detection is starting to go away on that bleeding edge and is being replaced with ML models, which are then going to be replaced with just deep learning…”

What is the mindset that is needed to drive change and get things going in the real estate industry? We learned about the importance of having a foundation of Connectivity in the last phenomenal episode with Joe Gaspardone.

But, when you have the Foundation of Connectivity, what then? What happens with all the data? How to make sense of it in a modern way that is replicable, scalable, and as future-proof as can be? That’s what you will find out in this episode!

“We have a strange business model that we try to replace our own services. “

To say that Jeremy Richmond has been all over the Real Estate Industry is probably an understatement. He is now the director of business development for DB engineering, where DB Engineering is a smart building consulting firm that specializes in delivering value from data to end clients. We get to listen to Jeremy telling us his origin story of having joined the Navy at an early age and fixed everything that moved and had a wire to it.

  • You will hear the amazing Jeremy Richmond talk about the buzzword bingo in a way that most people talk about eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • It’s machine learning, ontologies, Github repositories, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, which usually are in the hype-cycle territory for most. Jeremy has made those tools into something that’s port of the toolbox.

This is an extraordinary podcast episode where we get to understand how Jeremy helps portfolio owners go from quick wins to operational excellence at scale. It continues from where we left off in the last episode and moves into the operational side of ontologies. And how real-estate stakeholders can create value in a sustainable way.

This episode is definitely one that you can’t miss and it will accelerate and/or validate your knowledge on where the future is heading for everyone!

These are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • What is it that Proptech is missing?

  • What’s the role of 3rd party applications in creating a single pane of glass?

  • Who is already replacing 80% of the fault detection algorithms with machine learning?

  • Who’s in conversations about 3D printing bots on location to cater to print out a new actuator when it breaks?

  • What is needed in addition to a good understanding of the fundamental technology in buildings?

  • How do companies actually work with ontologies and taxonomies?

  • What’s the starting point in providing meaning to data?

  • What’s the difference between event management and analytics?

“I don't want to write any more fault algorithms ever again. I don't want to charge a client to say:

- Hey, we're going to have to put one of our mechanical engineers out there and understand your building and your processes, in order to develop 30, more unique, specific algorithms just for your site.

I want to completely move away from that”

  • What is the added value of visualization, and what do graph-based entities have to do with everything?

  • What are the top ten use cases of Digital Twins in 2025?

  • What’s the next big thing after you have a smart building?

  • How can stakeholders enhance their operations staff to give them more context and more ability to things better, faster, or eliminate problems before they occur

  • How do we move out and start to do more machine learning and not writing fault algorithms?

  • How to get to a foundational perspective when it comes to meaningful data in buildings?

This and more will be asked and answered in this episode of the Beyond Buildings podcast. Truly an amazing episode that you can’t afford to miss!


Jeremy Richmond will also be available to answer questions in an upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) for the Beyond Buildings Podcast paying subscribers. The session will be moderated by Nicolas Waern who is working with Digital Twin enablement in other industries. Digital Twins, AI, 5G, and other tools are slowly making their way into every industry. Knowing what is happening in Construction, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, and other industries helps in predicting where the world is going in a week, a month, a year from now.

If you haven’t started thinking about becoming a paying subscriber, now is the time to do so!

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  • Jeremy Richmond, Innovation Enthusiast | Bilingual (IT/OT) | Change Agent and Director of Business Development for DB Engineering

  • Nicolas Waern, Podcast Creator, Strategy & Innovation Expert at WINNIIO