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🎧#3 Making Dumb Cities Smart - Through an opportunistic edge camera platform- NATIX IO

🎧#3 Making Dumb Cities Smart - Through an opportunistic edge camera platform- NATIX IO

In this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talk to Dr. Alireza Ghods and Omid Mogharian From And with us is also Anthony Veri Jr, who adds his expertise in the Smart City space.

Want to make decisions in live-time, or even predict what the city will do before it happens? Then the NATIX platform is something that will interest you!

We talk about their NATIX on the edge platform, and how it can make dumb cameras smart, WITHOUT replacing existing infrastructure.

  • is up to 85 percent cheaper than traditional approaches.

  • And up to 8 times faster.

And due to the fact it's on the edge (doesn't send all data to the cloud) and infused with AI/ML capabilities, data protection and security are more future proof than ever before. Instead of silos, cities can create a bowl of data where the police department, fire department, and any other stakeholder can create apps based on a dataset that is shared in the city. This leads to a democratization of smart city innovation.

  • How can an enabling view of technology speed up the creation of Smart Cities?

  • How can cutting edge technology help in reaching the global goals?

Listen in to a phenomenal episode about the past, present, and future of smarter cities and a more intelligent world.

Please leave a comment, share your thoughts, and give us some input on how we can improve for the future! Because it’s the data we don’t have, that will change our lives!

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Making dumb cities smart is also out at Anchor and all places where Podcasts live! And finally a big thank you to Dr. Alireza, Omid and Anthony, and to the Beyond Buildings podcast Sponsor:
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