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🎧#29 The Future of Construction - Nicolas Waern & Jochen Burkhart

🎧#29 The Future of Construction - Nicolas Waern & Jochen Burkhart

What did the most funded startup in construction do wrong? What do parametric design, generative design, and an AI-first intent mean? And what will the cutting edge be in 15 years?

How can $2 Billion dollars spent on re-defining construction have ended in Bankruptcy for the most funded Construction startup in the world, Katerra? What was their fundamental problem from the beginning?

We need to make better decisions faster. That is what the future is all about. But better for whom? For people? For companies in the real estate industry? For the planet? Will we even be allowed to construct more buildings in the future? And where will we get the materials? And will the materials change enough that buildings can turn into Transformers to take us anywhere we need to go?

This and much much more will be discussed in this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast!

“Before the construction process on site will be started, the building process has been defined in every detail with the help of digital simulations (digital twins) that include all steps, processes, wirings, actors and regulations.

Electrical Engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, building material providers – they will all have collaborated up front to build the object in a digital environment before the actual building process starts”. - Nicolas Waern

In this special episode of BeyondBuildings Podcast, Jochen Burkhardt interviewed our founder, Nicolas Waern, about the Future of Construction. Nicolas’s extensive background in innovation and strategy shines through in this episode, and he weaves in other industry advancements, and much else, in order to boldly go where few people have dared to go before.

This was a totally (except for the questions) unscripted interview where Nicolas Waern did not know anything about the questions beforehand. We get to hear his vision about how the construction will be in the future. We will go in-depth about smarter materials, automated machinery, modern tools, and the need for modern mindsets. What we need from the future and potentially how we could go beyond buildings.

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Here are some of the questions that are being answered in the episode!

  • What could the future of construction look like?

  • How could AI assist in the construction process?

  • How will generative and parametric design affect future construction sites?

  • How could we save concrete while constructing a building?

  • What is the best place for us to build commercial real estate?

  • What is the need right now for the people and into the future of our commercial real estate space? How do we bring in those people in a dialogue?

  • Can city planners enable the use of AR/VR before deploying the actual construction process?

  • Will the use of resources from demolished buildings be enough for the construction in the next 10 to 15 years?

  • Can 3D printing be the key to the replacement of concrete and pre-fab?

  • How can the use of AI, be able to shorten the construction planning and process?

  • How could we standardize the construction and its regulations with the use of AI?

  • Will the people involved in the construction of a building be drawn to the project by a project coordinator? Will that be also done by a BIM model or a digital twin model and a generative AI?

  • Will the actors on a construction site will need to cooperate in a more intense way than today? Or will it be more anonymous?

  • What is the role of virtual sensors and what does that mean for sustainability purposes?

  • What kind of building of characters that building parts need to have in the future if buildings are much smarter than today?

  • What would be the worst-case scenario in terms of slow development?

This episode has a lot of twists and turns where the very existence of humans is discussed and what our role would be in the not-so-distant future. made it even clearer that we can start creating a better future with the help of technology. Do you agree or disagree?

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