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🎧#8 A Paradigm Shift for Real Estate

🎧#8 A Paradigm Shift for Real Estate

In this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talk to the energy guru, question-asker, engineer, analytics nerd - James Dice! He is like Moses in the BAS/BMS energy space for building automation and brings his followers to the promised land. Possibly, by separating the hardware from the software and into the open we go.

We talk about:

  • Being humble, standing on the shoulders of giants and learning from the past

  • Emerging analytics platforms, and the similarities with Apple and Android

  • Lock-in effects, ecosystem approaches utilized for good

  • The separation of hardware and software paradigm

  • Edge and cloud strategies for smarter buildings

  • “The Overlay Paradigm” for buildings

  • The Vitruvian Virtues

James discusses the reality as it is with an overlay paradigm and that there are millions of buildings that will stay the same, not having access to cutting edge tech in a while. So we’ll be having old, old, old, underneath, new at the top, with an overlay approach that will probably go on for the next 25 years, if not more.

But why are we doing this? Why are we trying to optimize buildings? Is it for the sake of energy efficiency? People? The planet even?

- Listen and find out!

And if you like this episode and are into building automation/energy efficiency you should check out the amazing newsletter/podcast Nexus that James is running. It is awesome and you will definitely learn a lot!

- Listen in and hear what the world was like Pre-COVID and what a discussion between building automation nerds sound like.

Please leave a comment, share your thoughts, and give us some input on how we can improve for the future! Because it’s the data we don’t have, that will change our lives!

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A Paradigm Shift for Buildings is out at Anchor and all places where Podcasts live!

And finally a big thank you to James, and to the Beyond Buildings podcast Sponsor:
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Companies mentioned:

  1. Terry Herr of Intellimation

  2. Automated Buildings and Ken Sinclair

  3. SkySpark

  4. Troy Harvey and Passive Logic (see Nexus newsletter #14 for my take on them)

  5. Dave Lapsley of Econowise, creator of Sentinll and Bubll


  7. Go-IoT

  8. Zynka BIM / Zynka Group

  9. Phillip Kopp of Conectric

  10. Wired Hut

  11. Hub API systems

  12. Platform of Trust

  13. Stream Analyze

  14. Ekkono

  15. Brad White’s classic article on the 3/30/300 rule

  16. Clayton Christenson and the Jobs To Be Done framework

  17. James’s essay on Digital Twins and the 2 main jobs to be done