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🎧#9 Smart City Resiliency

🎧#9 Smart City Resiliency

Resiliency, Netflix interruptions, 5G, Digital Twins, Datacenters and Smart Cities, oh my.

In this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talk to the Future Shaper Omar Yakobi who is turning buildings into strategic assets. He’s adamant that the traditional real estate industry has a lot to learn from Data Centers because of their high level of digital maturity. They are in the process of lessons learned from AI/ML initiatives where the rest has yet to get started.

This is an episode jam-packed with information, talking about 5G, resiliency, distributed intelligence, how technology can provide value to outcome-based strategies, and how to create a smarter world for everyone.

We talk about:

  • How technology can contribute to business outcomes based on their industries

  • What the majority of the cost is for data centers

  • The three things that data centers are and how it is similar to cities

  • Why Netflix stops and why predictive algorithms are the future

  • The data to impact loop

  • Seamless integration of everything that goes on in the building

  • Omar's point of view what a Digital Twin is

  • Standardize and digitize Standardized Operating Procedures

  • Wireless mesh from Conectric Networks

  • Plug and play for data-centers, putting it in from the get-go, building smart from start.

  • Is there a need for real-time data, if so why?

  • Smart grid inclusivity, responsive buildings (and organizations)

  • Affordable IoT?

  • What does resiliency mean for cities and data centers?

  • How can Digital Twins increase Smart City resiliency?

  • Will the next thing in data centers will be modular data centers?

  • It’s the data that companies don’t have that will change their life.

  • 5G,  Data Centers, Distributed Resiliency and a Smarter World

  • Breaking the silo’s, how much of the context do we understand

  • What are the factors and parameters that will allow us to do most of the world we live in?

  • Can we have multiple digital twins?*

  • How do we enable others to work with the same reality but from different viewpoints that they are used to?

  • What is needed to use AI and Machine Learning at scale?

  • Democratizing data manipulation at scale, providing tools for people

  • What is the cost of irrelevance

  • Defined processes in place, SOPs,

  • How other industries can learn a lot from Datacenters

And I was wrong about the question about multiple digital twins. Yes, there can be many multiple digital twins. Actually, that is a must. But there has to be a way for these domain-specific digital twins to share data in a holistic way and that is one of the challenges we see. To agree on a shared reality and to work in it together.

The aspects of 5G are interesting and it’s less about the high bandwidth and marketing hype, and more about how 5G will increase Smart City resiliency. Can 5G contribute to offering more services on the same channel? Basically having a TV that historically could only show one channel, but now with 5G, the ability to show more channels, and monetize all of them?

What does resiliency mean and how can companies create impact from the data they haven’t got?

- Listen and find out!

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