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🎧#10 Data Disruption-"Digitalize my asset!"

🎧#10 Data Disruption-"Digitalize my asset!"

How to realize the full potential of buildings, and its users!

Give me the data in a manner that I can use it...and really connect all parts of the building, finance, BIM, Digital Twins, the maintenance, Digitalize my asset!

In this episode of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talk to the almost all-knowing building automation guru, Tyson Soutter. We get to hear about Tysons phenomenal journey through time and how he ended up landing his dream job on a different continent. Tyson started with visual basics but is now the Global Business Development Manager working with all Digitalization aspects of buildings for the global giant, Siemens. One quote that really stood out was:

“How do we bring non-technical people into the technical decision making process?”

And there is plenty more where that came from! In this episode, we get answers to these questions below, and much more!

  • How do we bring non-technical people into the technical decision-making process?

  • What makes the Australian companies Bueno and Willow so great?

  • Where to start with Smart Buildings?

  • How to use BIM in the asset management phase?

  • Which companies are the big four and how did Australia become a hotbed for building automation innovation?

  • What is holding people back in the building automation industry?

  • What is the hardest thing to achieve for the performance of portfolio buildings

  • What are the drawbacks of consultancy and audits?

  • What does sustainability mean and what are the drivers for change?

  • And is anyone interested in CO2 anymore?

This is a must-listen for anyone and everyone interested in where the world will be in the years to come. Not limited to the world of building automation and smart buildings, but the world at large. Moving from where we are now, to where we need to be, is important for everyone.

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